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Our philosophy

After ripening and bottling, a fine wine needs further attention to develop its full aroma even after opening. For this reason we have made it our business to combine indulgence with technical perfection. Each of our decanting cradles is manufactured by hand and is therefore unique. Our homeland at the foot of the Black Forest in the Rhine valley is wonderfully shaped by winegrowing, so that we discovered our love for wine at an early age and cultivate it.

"Where wine and elegance presents beautifully"

Craftino Classic

The powder-coated steel construction, finished with high-quality brass or stainless steel elements result in a unique and timeless design. Your wine or champagne bottle is fixed on the bottle holder with the help of a closure strap. In conjunction with the perfected mechanics and a solid granite base plate, a safe and elegant pouring is guaranteed, in which the wine can breathe sufficiently and the deposit is not whirled up. One-hand operation makes decanting Magnum or Double Magnum bottles easy and convenient. More information can be found here .


The Craftino Customized model offers even more individuality. You can choose from various high-quality materials and colors. With an engraving or logo there is also the possibility to personalize the Craftino according to your wishes. Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.

A pleasure!

Niklas Hänßel


Armin Hänßel
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